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Adapt ‘management by walking around’ for the HR world

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in HR Management,Human Resources

Paul, an HR professional, walked into the accounting department, glanced into a cubicle and noticed an employee on the verge of tears. “Is everything OK?” Paul asked. That triggered a flood of complaints about her boss, her child care problems and the lack of advancement opportunities in the company.

Paul would never have uncovered those problems if he’d been sitting behind his desk, waiting for emergencies to come knocking.

Walking and watching

As Yogi Berra noted, “You can observe a lot by watching.” The time-honored management-by-walking-around (MBWA) concept is based on this theory.

MBWA is an effective way to discover employment problems no one would normally tell you about. That can help you catch big problems while they are still small and enhance your value and reputation.

The problem is, who has extra time to roam the workplace looking for problems?

Another dilemma: MBWA can cast you in an awkward role with employee...(register to read more)

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