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How to Tweet like a professional

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Twitter on cellphonesTwitter is a powerful tool for developing your personal brand, but only if you use it to establish a positive reputation. That means you need to watch what you write and how you write it, Britt Klontz writes.

A 2013 study by Grammarly found that professionals who make fewer grammar errors on social media tend to earn more promotions, advance to higher positions and land more jobs over the course of their careers.

Take Klontz’s advice on how to tweet to impress.

  • Be a grammar stickler. If people leave your Twitter feed unable to verify whether you can spell or have a basic understanding of how sentences work, you’re doing it wrong. Employers need to know you’re going to do more than wave at someone and say, “hi im mandy haha.”
  • Re-read before you tweet. Remember you’re telling your story. Before you tweet, read aloud what you’ve written to make sure you haven’t missed an “a” or “the,” which are easy to skip over when you’re reading something in your head.
  • Keep your cool. Twitter is all about the instant update, but you should take your time and think before you tweet. Jumping into a conversation or excitedly typing your current status could lead to a tweet that hardly makes sense because it’s full of errors. Take a second to breathe before you share.
  • Don’t shorten to senselessness. It’s fine to use symbols such as “&” and “@” or official abbreviations, but stay away from Internet shorthand such as “LOL.” If you need to say something longer, try using two tweets in a row.

— Adapted from “Here’s Why You Need To Edit Your Tweets,” Britt Klontz, Business Insider.

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