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Is your boss/admin team dysfunctional?

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in Dealing with Bosses,Office Management

Your relationship with your boss can be good, bad or somewhere in between. Knowing the signs of a dysfunctional relationship can help you decide whether it’s worth working on or if you should just move on, career consultant Jennifer Winter writes.

  • You’re trying to please people. When your goal becomes pleasing your boss instead of doing a good job, there’s a problem.
  • You’re throwing tantrums. Feeling upset about your manager’s choices and behaving badly is a bad sign. This includes mouthing off, getting into fights and making no effort to negotiate.
  • You’re suffering in silence. There shouldn’t be bullying in your dealings with a higher-up because that signifies a breakdown of the boss-employee relationship.

— Adapted from “Are You in a Dysfunctional Relation­­ship with Your Boss?” Jennifer Winter, The Daily Muse.

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