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1-Minute Strategies: March ’14

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Sweat your way to better negotiations. A 2013 study published in Psy­­chological Science found that people who were excited about negotiating a deal and came to the table with an increased heart rate from engaging in other physical exertion were more likely to have successful outcomes. If you hate negotiating, start by shifting your attitude by telling yourself “I am ex­­cited, not anxious,” says re­­searcher Alison Wood Brooks.

Unplug to increase your productivity. Next time you have some free time, Laura Vanderkam suggests you spend five minutes doing something meaningful to recharge yourself. Consider updating your bucket list, writing a real letter, drawing, editing your calendar or listening to your favorite song.

Do some desktop gardening and get more done. Adding a little greenery to your cubicle could improve productivity and performance, according to a study conducted by the Nor­­­­we­­­­gian University of Life Sciences. Bring green into your office by investing in an indoor plant or two for your desk.

Too many browser tabs open affects the battery life of your laptop. But it isn’t by much. A test by Wired found that having 100 tabs open shortens your battery life by one hour.

Clear out your wallet and travel light with Coin. The startup is creating a gadget by the same name that syncs with your smartphone, and can carry the information from eight credit cards, debit cards and gift cards. Coin is the size of a regular credit card and works much the same way.

Growl connects you while you work. Growl is a desktop application for Windows and Mac users that lets you stay connected to everything even when you’re not checking your inbox, Facebook or Twitter. With Growl, you don’t have to waste time signing into email or social media sites. Instead, you can set up almost anything, including retweets and updates from a favorite website, to deliver notifications to your desktop.

Take your vacation days! A 2013 Expedia study found that of the 14 vacation days an average American worker receives each year, only 10 get used. In other words, the nation’s 144 million workers are wasting 577 million days of vacation.

Should we bring this fun Vic­­torian slang back into fashion? MentalFloss.com deputy editor Erin McCarthy thinks so after reading the 1909 tome Passing English of the Vic­­torian era, a dictionary of hetero­dox English, slang and phrase. The book includes terms such as “bricky,” which meant fearless; “butter upon bacon,” which described too much extravagance.

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