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How to protect your Word documents

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Sometimes you need to protect your hard work from unwanted changes. Maybe you want to restrict access or editing to a select group of people. Perhaps a report is all but finalized, with only one section that still needs editing. Maybe your Word document is actually a form that you want people to fill out, but you don’t want them to modify it.

Try these techniques to protect your Word documents. All of them will require entering a password to activate protection. It is very important that you remember it!

Protecting the entire document

To restrict access to the entire document to a select group of people:

1. File tab
2. Protect Document button
3. Select Encrypt with Password and enter password.

To selectively allow editing to a specific group of people:

1. Select all the text in the document (try Ctrl+A).
2. Review tab > Protect group > Restrict Editing.
3. In the task pane, check the box under 2. Editing Restrictions.
4. Select t...(register to read more)

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