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Boss seems to be seeking young ‘dream team’? Be alert for possible age discrimination

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Human Resources

Does your organization have a supervisor who frequently interviews and wants to hire younger applicants at the expense of older ones? If so, make sure older em­­ployees under his supervision aren’t being pushed out.

That supervisor’s “dream team” may end up as Exhibit A in an age discrimination lawsuit.

Recent case: Benjamin, who is over age 50, worked as a salesperson for Roche. He consistently hit his sales quotas and got good or excellent reviews, plus regular promotions for several years.

Then his supervisor began criticizing Benjamin’s efforts to bring in new business and complained that he was concentrating too much on a single existing ­client, a large medical center.

Finally, Benjamin found himself on a performance improvement plan that required him to achieve specific sales goals for new business development while also maintaining his targets for old business. When new business didn’t materialize, Benjamin was termi...(register to read more)

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