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Don’t be clueless about social media

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in Leaders & Managers,Management Training

If you’re not so sure about digital technology and the social media hubbub, take a class. That’s what a lot of your peers are doing.

The sessions aren't just about “tweets” and “likes.”  They explain strategy and what other companies are doing.

The goal is for CEOs to come away with a basic understanding of the digital landscape and how it helps them make better decisions about what to invest in, as well as how to talk about it, writes Melissa Korn, The Wall Street Journal.

Training efforts are designed to allow executives and, in turn, companies to keep pace with changing market conditions and customer needs, Korn writes. Some firms pair execs with younger mentors while others send their entire C-suite to class.

One company chose to invest in training after younger staffers’ ideas weren’t being heard because bosses didn’t understand the tech-heavy proposals.

“Ninety-nine percent of executives say [digital growth] is important, but only 10% of companies are satisfied with the speed at which they are making the transition,” says Michael Robson, general manager of training firm General Assembly’s enterprise business.

— Adapted from “Bosses Learn Not to Be So #Clueless,” Melissa Korn, The Wall Street Journal.

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