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3 tools aid Outlook cleanup tasks

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Are you afraid of archiving Outlook items because you don’t know what really happens to them? Archiving is simple: If the date you last accessed an item (not necessarily created) is older than the archive threshold (6 months, 12 months, etc.), it moves from your primary Outlook file to an archive location. So what? Doesn’t it take up the same space? It does, but not in your primary Outlook file.

Like all databases, Outlook can become corrupted. Archiving helps you keep the main database clutter-free and manageable. Archives can be searched just as you would any other folder. You don’t need any special steps to retrieve items as long as you are connected to the network or computer where it’s stored. Archives should appear at the same “level” as your main Outlook account.

To set up your archive options:

1. Click File, then Options.
2. Choose the Advanced category and look for the AutoArchive Settings button to the rig...(register to read more)

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