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Starting the New Year Right Starts Now

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in Remarkable Leadership with Kevin Eikenberry

I’m writing this on December 19th, and I believe the only way to prepare for your most successful next year starts now.December calendar Don’t worry — the lessons I’m suggesting will apply at any time; my point is you can’t expect a few minutes spent before the ball drops in Times Square (or you leave the office for the year) to set the start for your best year ever.

I know this is a leadership blog, and the points below may seem to apply to us personally, and they do. However, as a leader they apply to us doubly. We need to do them for ourselves and our development and achievement, and we need to do them to set an example and to coach others to do the same.

In other words, doing steps like those below are part of our job.

So, if you want to get the New Year (or the next twelve months, based on when you read this) started off most effectively, take action on these five things.

Get clear on your why. None of it matters, and you will never make the progress you want or hope for, if you don’t have a purpose or can’t find meaning in what you are planning. When that is true, the odds of achieving anything or overcoming the inevitable challenges that will arise is very low. Need proof? Think about most people and their New Year’s resolutions.

Set your goals. Most might think this would be first on the list, but the why is more important than the goals themselves, because a powerful why drives us naturally towards the goals we set. Goals, however, are critically important and if you don’t have clear, specific goals for the New Year, now is the time to rectify that.

Review your past mistakes. What you have done up until now won’t get you different results in the future. Look at your past mistakes, foibles and missteps to determine what to do differently in the New Year, so you can get the new results you desire.

Determine what you need to learn/do differently. Starting with past mistakes, determine what you need to change to get new results, and think about your gaps in knowledge. Once you identify those gaps, you are in a much better position to close those gaps in the coming months. Learning is a cornerstone of creating the Year (and results) you want.

Plan to play to your strengths. While we need to understand our weaknesses and shortcomings (and some of the learning we need might be in those areas), you will have more success faster if you play to your strengths more. Think about your goals in connection to your strengths and you will likely identify new strategies that will move you faster and easier toward the Year you desire.

Then as a leader, the sixth important step …

Determine how to support each member of your team in doing these things too! Yep as a leader, we must take these actions. Then we must coach others to do the same. Our challenges shouldn’t keep us from coaching others, but can be used to help everyone achieve more.

All of this requires that we help others thrive through change. If you as a leader want to hone those skills, you can join me on Jan. 2 for a new teleseminar titled, The Remarkable Change Leader: A 5-Step Plan for More Persistent, Consistent & Better Change Communications. All of the details can be found here.

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