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Business Management Daily celebrates Leadership Week with free offer, webinars

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Successful leaders combine many unique skills. They must have ambition to drive them forward, clearing a path for followers, as well as accountability to take responsibility and correct course when their team fails, regardless of who made the mistake. Leaders should also have courage, humor and a strong vision. Leaders like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Chipotle’s Steve Ells have led their organizations to success with key traits like these.

To recognize leaders and the effort they put into serving as role models and making sure the organizations they work for run smoothly, Business Management Daily is celebrating Leadership Week Dec. 16-20.

During this special event, Business Management Daily will be offering its most popular guide to leadership, The Truth About Leadership: Great Secrets of Leaders, for free. You can download this informative report at http://bit.ly/TruthAboutLeadershipArticle. Not only does The Truth About Leadership help you develop the skills that make good executives great and great executives legendary, it also shows you the best way to communicate your vision and strategy with people at every level of your company.

Also during Leadership Week, Business Management Daily will offer three information-packed webinars to help professionals become more effective leaders.

Here is the registration information for these webinars:

Leadership skills are extremely helpful to all professionals at any level of an organization. Join Business Management Daily in celebrating Leadership Week Dec. 16-20, and learn to become a better leader by more effectively managing and motivating your team, and inspiring your team members to work toward your organization’s goals.

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