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Lead by getting out of your head

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in Leaders & Managers,Management Training

A young executive was enough of a bully to (a) be nicknamed “the monster” and (b) require a leadership coach.

The coach asked how he saw himself. “I am here to do a job, do it well and get the work done any way I can.”

Shown evidence of his crabbiness and temper, he was surprised, expecting to hear how smart he was. “I make great decisions,” he said. “What about all the money I’ve saved the company? I make all my targets. I’m a great executive.”

She had to break the news that when people call you “the monster,” that’s not so great. She asked what was important to him and what he wanted as his legacy. To become a leader, he had to move from his head to his heart.

— Adapted from “The power of heart-led introspection,” Lolly Daskal, SmartBlog on Leadership.

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