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On never giving up

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

Imagine getting kicked out of not one but two rock bands that both went on to become icons of their era.

That’s exactly what happened to Jason Everman, once the second guitarist for Nirvana.

Then it happened again. Everman got the boot as bassist for Soundgarden, a band he truly loved. Between them, the bands would go on to sell about 100 million records.

At 26, a weaker man might have been destroyed.

Everman instead joined the Army, and this time he refused to be left behind. He says he wanted to do something “impossible.”

Eventually, he became an elite member of the U.S. Army Rangers and Special Forces, fighting the Taliban on horseback in Afghanistan and joining operations in Asia and South America. He earned a pile of medals and posed for pictures with Donald Rumsfeld and Stanley McChrystal.

“The bond of locking shields with each other, working together to defeat a common enemy,” he says, “it’s a heightened state.”

Jason Everman is a rock star again.

— Adapted from “Everman’s War,” Clay Tarver, The New York Times Magazine.

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