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No-iron advice for unexpected wrinkles

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Clothes get wrinkled, but when those wrinkles appear just before an important meeting, they can be a big blow to your confidence. Even dressing in freshly ironed clothes is no guarantee you’ll stay wrinkle-free between home and work.

Luckily, there is a pretty easy fix to be found in wrinkle-release spray, says Erin Greenawald, an editor at The Daily Muse. Spray it on your clothes, smooth out the wrinkles with your hands and you should be good to go.

If you’re truly desperate, you’ll need to make do with plain old water. Head to the bathroom and wet your hand under the faucet. After shaking excess water off one hand, smooth out the wrinkle on the clothing that you’re holding taut with your other hand. Hold it taut for a moment or two to let it dry a little or, if possible, hold it under a hand dryer.

Voilà! Wrinkles are gone.

— Adapted from “Quick Fixes for 4 Wardrobe Malfunctions at Work,” Erin Greenawald, The Daily Muse.

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