Craft the perfect LinkedIn message

Just because you’re networking on­­line doesn’t mean it’s OK to throw basic etiquette out the window. Learn to write LinkedIn messages that people will want to read with these tips from Sara McCord, a columnist for The Daily Muse.

  • Get clear before you compose. How do you know this person? How are you going to frame the context of your connection with her? What would you like to come out of this connection?
  • Be specific as possible in the subject line. For example, “following up from yesterday’s conference,” or “fellow consultant interested in new technology.” Use the subject line to establish a meaningful connection.
  • Make an introduction. In the first paragraph of any message you send, make sure to provide a brief description of who you are and how you know the recipient.
  • Cut to the chase. Use your second paragraph to get to the bare bones of why you want to be connected. Think: What is it about this person that makes you want to connect with them? Do you love their marketing tips? Do you believe in their products? Let this lead how you craft this paragraph. For example, “I’m connecting with you to get advice about ____.”  
  • Use a sincere sign off. Express your gratitude to the receiver for taking the time to read your message and presumably accept your in­­vitation to connect. Dedicate the last two lines of your message to it.

— Adapted from “How to Write LinkedIn Messages That Actually Get Read,” Sara McCord, The Daily Muse.