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Apps make great driving companions

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The daily commute is a big part of many people’s lives. Technology writer Phil Cohen has found a few applications that can help make your drives more pleasant.

  • IOnRoad. This app includes collision warnings, tailgating alerts and a parking lot locator. It’s also a driving analytics app that keeps track of your route, how much gas you’re guzzling, your speed and acceleration.
  • RepairPal. Locate the nearest auto repair shop using your phone’s location on GPS with this app. It can call for roadside assistance, track repairs made to your car and offers regular prices for parts.
  • Cars.com. You can compare the exterior and interior of different makes and models side-by-side using this app and calculate your potential monthly car payment. Insurance rates according to make and model are also available.
  • Gas Buddy. If you travel a lot and don’t have this app, you’re missing out. It will locate the nearest cheapest gas station. You can even send the low-priced fuel locations to other people.
  • MapQuest. Enter where you want to go and this app will give you turn-by-turn driving directions. It will reroute if it spots a construction zone ahead and responds to voice commands so you can issue instructions without taking your eyes off the road.        

— Adapted from “5 Car Apps That Make Your Life So Much Easier,” Phil Cohen, Lifehack.

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