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Apps that help nurture your writing skills

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

Credibility in the professional world often hinges on written communication. If your writing isn’t up to snuff, you risk miscommunicating information and looking less competent and professional than you really are.

AppoLearning found four applications to help you polish your writing skills and get your point across every time:

  1. Grammaropolis. This app teaches parts of speech by making them into characters that are placed in separate towns you visit in Grammaropolis. It’s a fun, no-stress way to recall what you learned back in school.
  2. Grammar App HD by Tap to Learn. This app has 200 tutorials, practice exercises and grammar games that gently remind you of grammar rules such as parts of speech and passive voice. Video tutorials are followed by practice exercises and games.
  3. SAT Writing, powered by Brain­­­­scape. Based on an algorithm proven to improve writing skills, this app uses traditional methods of study in the form of flashcards, tips on sentence structure and sample questions.
  4. A+ Writing Prompts. This app will help if you want to try your hand at some creative writing as a way to boost your writing skills. It offers prompts to get your imagination flowing and guide your writing.

— Adapted from “These Five Apps Improve Grammar and Composition,” Stephen Danos, appoLearning.

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