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Dropped the ball at work? Bet it wasn’t this bad

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in HR Management,Human Resources

Next time you rue one of the coulda-shoulda-woulda missteps every business person inevitably makes, know that your fumble can’t possibly be worse than these three, recently rated the biggest business goofs of all time by BusinessInsider.com:

  1. Passing on Google. In the mid-’90s, Google’s founders offered their startup to Excite.com for $750,000. No sale. Excite’s stock shortly tanked, while Google is now valued at $340 billion on $60 billion in annual sales.
  2. Saying “thanks but no thanks” to The Beatles. In 1961, Decca Records decided against signing up the Fab Four, reasoning that guitar bands were a passing fad.
  3. Failing to patent the oil drill. Back in 1858, Edwin Drake invented the drive-pipe system on which the entire oil drilling industry has been based ever since. He never registered his revolutionary innovation with the Patent Office.

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