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Test yourself: What trouble lurks in résumés, references?

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in Centerpiece,Hiring,Human Resources

resumeThe hiring process is fraught with pit­­falls and snares that could quickly land your organization in court.

Take this quiz to see how your skills measure up when it comes to handling pre- and post-interview problems associated with résumés and references.

1. In looking over the résumé of a candidate you are interviewing, you notice a period when he was out of work. When you question him about it, you find out it was due to a back injury. You are wondering if history will repeat itself. The em­­ployee claims he is fine and that he hasn’t taken any sick time at his present job. You tell him:

   a) You’re sorry, but you can’t take a chance, especially with the dramatic increase in the cost of health care and workers’ compensation.

   b) You are willing to hire him, but explain he will be placed on an ex­­tended probationary period to make sure he can handle the work.

   c) You’ll pass the information along to the company phys...(register to read more)

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