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Outlook calendar conundrums

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in Microsoft Email Outlook,Office Technology

Q. We have frequently changing staff and some do not know how to schedule their meetings. When we do this for them, they do not “own” their meeting. People will run into trouble when they need to make changes to the meeting. Is there any way to “move to another conference room” on our end without canceling and re-creating?

A. Not really. However, if you’re going to set it up for them, perhaps having delegate rights to their calendar would help. That way, you are accessing their calendar on their behalf. Another option is to include this basic training as part of their orientation.

Q. Individuals will occasionally invite us when they don’t need to. This then bogs down our calendars. We are often unaware when they actually need us to attend. What can we do?

A. Think about having all meeting requests go unread to a particular folder. You can do this by setting up a filtering rule. Or, have them appear in a particular color when they come in. You can do this with Conditional Formatting. That will at least make it easier to handle them as your schedule permits. Also, I would demonstrate how to drag and drop a meeting request to an email message and send it to you. That way, people can invite you when they really need to, and easily just let you know about a meeting via email if they don’t. Sounds like a good topic for a Lunch and Learn: “How Not to Kill My Calendar.”

Q. I use Categories to color code my calendar for certain events. Is there an easy way I can just see those events on the calendar in another view?

A. Yes! From the View Settings button on your Calendar, click Filter and then More Choices. The first field is Categories. Click the Categories button and choose which categories you want to see. If it’s something you do a lot, click Change View and Save Current View as a New View.

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