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The Savvy Office Manager

Giving thanks for workplaces that work

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Cal Butera

by on
in The Savvy Office Manager

What are you thankful for? Family? Good friends? Health? A few extra bucks in your bank account?

Don’t forget your job. Yes, be thankful you have one because there are over four million who don’t and are doggedly on the hunt, and there probably are just as many who have bagged the search in frustration.

Stats aside, let’s take a look at your job and your workplace to see a list of things you might be overlooking that deserve your thanks.

1. Support from management. That’s a biggy. Do the folks on the floors above you trust you, keep you in the loop, back your decisions? If yes, you’re pretty fortunate. Think of the alternative. You would be not only trying to motivate a staff to do their jobs, but scrambling to save your own.

2. Support from staff. Be real thankful for this one if you have it. It means that your employees have faith in you and trust your judgment. When that collapses, you’ll see pockets of discontent, stubborn employees, a drop in productivity, and in some cases, an employee or two going above your head to lodge a complaint. Employees have been known to bring down a boss.

3. Harmony in the workplace. Difficult to describe, but you know it when you feel it. There are no destructive cliques, and everyone seems to be magically flowing in the right direction. Savor it. A few attritions here, a few new hires there, and it’s gone.

4. An A-team. If you have a handful of workers who don’t need a kick start and can consistently turn in innovative and stellar work, be grateful. In fact, you ought to personally thank them. Those types of workers make you look good, and make your job a lot easier.

5. Solvency. If your company or organization is ending the year on good financial footing, toast to it. Many come to work each day uncertain whether their paychecks are numbered or if the company is going to survive much longer.

6. The ability to celebrate. Remember that office where you worked right out of college, the one where nobody acknowledged birthdays, got together for happy hours, or left each other little gift bags during the holidays? Those places are still out there. Do you celebrate things both silly and serious? A sense of genuine cheer and camaraderie among staff is a precious thing to preserve.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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