Admins’ most irritating co-workers

Everyone has an abrasive colleague that he or she just doesn’t know how to deal with.

Here’s one example from the Admin Pro Forum: “I opened the office fridge one day and found a note taped to my empty grocery bag. Some­­one was apologizing for eating my sandwich when she realized she’d left hers at home and had be­­come shaky with hunger. For­­tu­­nately the situation resolved itself, but now I really have to know what people say is the most irritating thing one of their co-workers has ever done!” — Reese, Closed Cap­­tion­­ing Transcriber

Readers answered Reese in these posts:

“One of my co-workers was a very loud talker, so everyone had no choice but to hear every conversation,” said Lori. “He also made per­­sonal calls from the office—even yelling at his kids. And, he would feel free to join in any and every conversation between others in the office.”

“The person in the next cube chews ice with her mouth open,” said Anon.

MGR Handbook D

Julie once had a co-worker who insisted on stealing her Wite-Out. “I got a new one out and put it on his desk. He still did it. I then started hiding the Wite-Out. He managed to find it until I hid it in a roll of labels,” she said. “He complained to the boss and the boss basically told me that I should let him take anything he wanted because he was more important than I was. I was there to support him.”

Rita had a co-worker who was a pen thief and eventually crossed the line.

“We had a customer in the office who was filling out some paperwork we needed to process his response to our RFP. Mr. Cheapskate co-worker walked up, said, ‘I need that,’ snatched the pen out of our cus­tomer’s hand and walked away.”