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Stop ‘like’ hurting your career

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

Overusing the word ‘like” is a common problem—and a quick way to have your professionalism called into question. Stop damaging your career with these three tips from Fast Company writer Drake Baer.

  • Watch those fillers. Fillers, such as “um,” “uh” and “like,” are terms used to close gaps between thoughts and to make sentences run smoothly. As you talk, monitor how often you fall on a filler.
  • Avoid speech that sticks out. A person’s use of specific words is more noticeable to those who don’t use the same words. Overusing “like” while talking to a non-like-using professional will stick out and leave an impression.
  • Think before you speak. Give yourself time to formulate what you’re going to say before spitting it out. Put the proper words in order so that you don’t resort to fillers.

— Adapted from “Will Saying ‘Like’ All the Time, Like, Ruin Your Career?”, Drake Baer, Fast Company.

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