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Strive to take better meeting notes

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Taking notes at a meeting is a big responsibility. Poorly written notes may result in confusion over who is supposed to do what moving forward. To keep assignments clear and concise, take these tips from Syntax Training founder Lynn Gaertner-Johnston.

  • Name names. When assigning actions to team members, make sure to include names with each action item. This allows everyone to easily find what they’re supposed to do.
  • Avoid passive phrasing. Don’t use phrases such as, “the marketing department is responsible for this.” Instead, spell out exactly who is responsible for each task.
  • Use clear formatting. Each action item should be formatted in the same way and include the following information: what needs to be done, who is assigned to do it and when they need to complete it.

— Adapted from “Meeting Notes: Tell Who Is Doing What,” Lynn Gaertner-Johnston, Business Writing Blog.

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