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Key to successfully socializing at work

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

With so much time spent at work, it is important to feel a sense of community. Thus, socializing is vital. Building a happy relationship with your co-workers can result in a happier workplace. And the happier you are at work, the more creative, productive and efficient you are, says Alexander Kjerulf, author and speaker on workplace happiness.

To keep your workplace friendships positive and productive, take these tips from Kjerulf and his fellow workplace experts, Maynard Brus­­man and Lynn Taylor.

  • Focus on sharing. Showing concern and interest in a co-worker’s life shows that you care and helps establish a relationship built on trust and open communication, ultimately leading to a better working relationship.
  • Avoid oversharing. When sharing information with co-workers, know your limits. Avoid sharing the intimate details of your private life: The focus is on building positive relationships that foster teamwork, happiness and cooperation.
  • Pay attention to place. Use lunch breaks and company events to build relationships. Avoid interactions with co-workers in places that may not reflect your best self—for example, drinking at a bar.
  • Always put work first. Keep in mind that there are boundaries and roles that need to be honored. For example, your boss is still your boss and a level of respect for her position needs to guide your relationship. Your co-workers also deserve respect. Show it to them by avoiding cliques and cooperating with everyone.

— Adapted from “How Much Coworker Socializing Is Good For Your Career?”, Jacquelyn Smith, Forbes.

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