Victoria’s Secret employees claim online campaign victory

Employees at the Manhattan flagship store of Victoria’s Secret received raises of between $1 and $2 per hour recently, and say it’s all because of a petition started on the advocacy website

Debbra had worked at the store for three years and was earning $9.93 per hour. She worked anywhere from 10 to 30 hours per week. She never knew her schedule from week to week and was fed up when she presented a letter to management requesting regular hours, higher pay and more promotion opportunities. The request went nowhere.

Debbra then posted a petition on, and about 100 of the store’s workers signed on. Sud­­denly, things started happening—but not what Debbra and her co-workers had wanted. The petition signers found their hours cut, and many were reassigned to stock rooms to work alone.

As word got out, other Victoria’s Secret employees began signing the petition. By August, 2013, about 800 co-workers added their names.

Although Victoria’s Secret doesn’t admit the petition influenced them, it began handing out raises based on seniority. Some long-time employees were promoted. The company claims the changes were prompted by internal employee satisfaction surveys.

Note: Providing opportunities for existing employees can cut turnover costs and boost employee morale.