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Try easy, proven ways to retain best workers

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in Centerpiece,Employee Benefits Program,Human Resources

boss shaking employee's handDetermined to retain workers now that business is getting better? Here are several real-life examples of things that organizations have done in recent years to keep workers from moving on to greener pastures:

  • Have the CEO make “appreciation phone calls”—to employees’ home phones.
  • Hold monthly “Rumor Mill Meetings” in which execs say, “Here are the rumors we’ve heard about the company. Here’s which are true and which aren’t.”
  • Make a monthly “Walk in my shoes” video focusing on what one star employee does each day.
  • Host “Roast, Toast and Boast” lunches in which employees roast a co-worker, toast new hires and boast about accomplishments.
  • Let people create their own titles. (A grocery store deli manager called himself the “deli-lama”.)
  • Start a “coins” peer recognition program: Employees get three coins each quarter to distribute to co-workers who they see performing beyond the call of duty. Employees cash in their coins each month for prizes.
  • Have long-time workers share the secrets of their success on video.
  • Establish a “B.E.E.R. Award”—a spot award given to employees showing performance Beyond Expectations, Exceeding Results.
  • Create a “Training Passport” for new hires. They collect passport stamps from current employees who provide information about the company and its processes.

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