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Time to ditch the evaluation?

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in Leaders & Managers,Performance Reviews

Everybody seems to hate them, but performance reviews have been around since at least the Wei Dynasty in third-century China, which used an “imperial rater.”

Yet at least one firm has gone ahead and ditched them.

“The typical performance review system doesn’t work because you’re demotivating half your population, poking them in the eye with a sharp stick,” says Caroline Stock­­dale, former chief talent officer for the medical technology company Medtronic.

That assessment is being borne out in research.

When people’s statuses are threatened, brain activity diminishes. “People’s fields of view actually constrict,” says David Rock, author of Your Brain at Work. “They take in a narrower stream of data, and there’s a restriction in creativity.”

Alternative: Young workers have come to expect immediate feedback from social media. Don’t make them wait half a year.

— Adapted from “On Leadership: Performance reviews actually dull your brain,” Jena McGregor, The Washington Post.

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