Self-audit: How good a leader are you?

leaderWith the modern world’s reliance on teams, your success will relate directly to your ability to lead teams.

Ask yourself: Are you a good leader? Are you a good teammate? Would your teammates evaluate you the same way you evaluate yourself? Are you sure?

Below is a self-audit. For each of the following statements, apply the number of the answer that fits best.

1 = Always

2 = Frequently

3 = Occasionally

4 = Never

__   I map out the team’s goals.

__   I make sure everyone understands what the goals are.

__   I make sure everybody knows their own roles and responsi­bilities.

__   I seek input up front, and listen to other opinions.

__   I practice what I preach.

__   I hold regular conversations with the team.

__   I try to “get” each teammate and help them.

__   I share credit publicly.

__   I encourage others’ ambitions and push them a bit.

__   I require collaboration and respect.

_____   Total

Rate your score:

10-15: Strong leader

16-24: Good leader

25-32: Average leader

33-40: Poor leader

— Adapted from Sharing the Sandbox, Dean Brenner, The Latimer Group.