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Easy ways to make yourself happier

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Happiness isn’t a goal, a project or a pursuit. It’s a mindset that anyone can adopt. If you are looking for happiness, you are looking for harmony.

The Healthy Eating Guide’s Scott Christ offers some ways to make your­­self happier.

  • Aim for balance. Happy people reach a point where they make enough time for the important things in their lives.
  • Remember the golden rule. Treat others with respect and compassion and you will, in most cases, receive the same treatment. Be as sensitive to the fragility and vulnerability of other people as you are to yourself.
  • Let go of grievances. Unhappy people are unable to let go of past offenses. Happy people avoid perpetuating feelings of guilt, shame and resentment by focusing on accepting what happened and moving on.
  • Take responsibility. Accountability goes a long way. Happy people realize they aren’t perfect and fess up when they make mistakes instead of looking for others to blame or denying their contribution to the problem.
  • Be honest. Happy people don’t use the truth to hurt people and be­­lieve that honesty is an opportunity for growth.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people. Happy people appreciate people who also want to enjoy life to the fullest and see the good things in front of them.
  • Check your body. Not your weight, but that you’re smiling, whether your posture is straight, whether you’re making eye contact, and how you walk into a room. Mental health and happiness go hand in hand with physical health and happiness.
  • Seek challenges. Happy people are excited at the thought of learning and growth. They don’t dwell on the things they can’t change and find the fun in overcoming obstacles.
  • Nurture passions. Find something you love doing and spend time doing it. Don’t sit paralyzed with the fear that you will never find anything worthwhile.
  • Live in the present. Happy people don’t waste time and energy thinking too much about the terrible things that have happened to them. Similarly, they don’t dwell on the future because they enjoy the present.

— Adapted from “10 Things Happy People Do Differently,” Scott Christ, Lifehack.

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