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Rein in office out-of-policy travel

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in Office Management,Office Organizer

If planning and managing travel are part of your job, you probably also deal with people who try to go rogue and plan travel outside the bounds of company policy.

Travel Market Report’s Fred Geb­­hart has four tips to help avoid out-of-policy travel.

  1. Get the details. Make the policy on room service, entertainment, extra-night stays and using nonpreferred brands very clear.
  2. Keep it convenient. Most of the employees who turn to nonpreferred channels when booking are under strict time constraints. Make sure the company booking options are convenient and quick.
  3. Police people. The rogue travelers are probably either new recruits or high-tech and passionate road-warrior veterans.
  4. Update your apps. Provide a company application that is easy, efficient, fast and gets the job done. If you provide an app that's comparable to outside apps, the rogue travelers will use it.

— Adapted from “To Curb Rogue Biz Travel, Try These Easy Tips,” Fred Gebhart, Travel Market Report

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