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Keep top priorities on top in Outlook

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in Centerpiece,Microsoft Email Outlook,Office Technology

If you attempt to prioritize your day based on hundreds of inbox items, you’re wasting valuable time assessing and reassessing your priorities. Try one or more of these methods to keep the focus on what’s important.

Clear the clutter

If you don’t intend to act on an email and you don’t need it filed to support a business transaction, delete it! If your deleted items aren’t deleted automatically, scan it once or twice a week and clear it. If you need to hang onto some messages for a week, create a “purgatory” folder. These are items that you’re pretty sure you don’t need to keep or even read.  The idea is to get them out of the inbox!

Any time you spend hitting Delete for unwanted subscription mail is wasted energy. As long as it is from a legitimate source (compliant with CAN-SPAM 2003), it will have an unsubscribe link. If the email is from a suspicious domain, a better idea would be to write a rule for it. Right-click the ...(register to read more)

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