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Nice raise, smaller paycheck: What now?

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Q: “After being promoted and given a raise, I discovered that I was actually making less money. Because I am now an executive assistant, I have been reclassified from hourly to salaried. This means that I no longer receive overtime, so my take-home pay is less than before. How should I approach my manager about this?” Better Job, Less Money

A: Your boss may have no idea that the promotion actually reduced your income. Although this is a common occurrence, many managers don’t understand the financial impact of removing overtime pay. To address the issue, simply explain the problem and ask how it might be solved. Just be sure to express appreciation for the promotion, since you don’t want to seem ungrateful.

For example: “I’m really pleased about being an executive assistant, and I appreciate your making this promotion possible. I do have one concern, though. I was surprised to find that my pay is actually lower, because I’m no longer receiving overtime. Is there a way to correct this?”

If you work for a large organization, your manager might need to consult human resources about compensation options. But if this is a small company, your boss may have the power to make a salary adjustment.

Trying to get more pay? Here's how to go about it: How to Ask for a Raise.

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