Thanks for applying, wish you hadn’t: HR pros describe their hiring nightmares


Sept. 26, 2013

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Thanks for Applying, Wish You Hadn’t: HR Pros Describe Their Hiring Nightmares

Falls Church, Va. — “Thanks for applying, wish you hadn’t!” That’s what many of Business Management Daily’s HR professional readers said when they had to go through the process of interviewing applicants and selecting new employees. Some have interviewed applicants who did or said things completely inappropriate for an interview. Some readers have even hired an applicant who, instead of being a great fit for the job, sent the HR pro into damage control mode after the new employee caused more problems than he or she was worth.

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Business Management Daily asked its readers to take a survey to describe some of the nightmares they’ve had to deal with when hiring workers. This was their chance to explain the funny or horrifying hiring experiences they’ve had throughout their careers and the advice they would give their fellow human resources professionals to prevent similar problems.

Here are some of the most outrageous responses that will make you cringe:

  • “One of my most horrifying stories has to do with a job offer for a new employee on a Monday, sent for background check and drug testing, passed both, and when she came in for the confirmation of her employment, she accepted. Went out into the store and shoplifted clothes, and when caught on the camera, said, ‘Well I didn’t have anything to wear on my first day.’”
  • “The most stressful situation for me was when a new hire insisted on not starting until three weeks after the date we indicated so that they could make sure they didn’t miss any of the graduation parties at their school!”
  • “A nurse could not stand that some kids were screaming … she applied at a pediatric office!”
  • “While working at a major department store, our team hired a mid-level manager from one of our competitors. Within the first two weeks she had: hidden merchandise under displays so it would be available in her size when it went on sale, had a subordinate give her a haircut in the break room, told a customer she would need a ‘different gene pool’ to look good in a designer’s pants, and sent a store-wide email condemning all non-Christian based religions. Things went so wrong so quickly, we started to wonder if she was a deliberate plant!”

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