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The HR I.Q. Test: October ’13

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in HR Management,Human Resources

1. So-called “Ban the box” laws popping up in several states refer to laws prohibiting employers from:

   a. Asking information about an applicant’s criminal record

   b. Asking about an employee’s medical history

   c. Putting employees in a wooden box as punishment

2. BYOD is an acronym for what growing employment law dilemma for employers?

   a. Buy Your Own Dinner

   b. ‘Before You Open’ Duties 

   c. Bring Your Own Device (to work)

3. A California company prohibited employees from wearing ________ unless they included the company’s logo. A court last month said that was a violation of federal labor law.

   a. T-shirts

   b. Baseball caps

   c. Sweatshirts

4. New IRS regulations released in September aim to combat the growing problem of:

   a. The theft of Employer Identification Numbers (EINs)

   b. Counterfeiting of Social Security cards

5. The NLRB is backing a proposal that would require employers to display a union-rights poster in their workplaces. Last month, a second federal court ruling on the issue likely means:

   a. The poster must be displayed

   b. The poster proposal is essentially dead

   c. The proposal will get another hearing in court


Sources: 1. The Wall Street Journal; 2. The HR Specialist; 3. NLRB, Quad Graphics Inc.; 4. Payroll Legal Alert; 5. "Court: No need to display the NLRB's pro-union poster."


Answers:  1. a  2. c  3. b  4. a  5. b

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