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3 Habits to Get Into for a Clean Outlook Machine

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in The Office Tech Pro

Say Yes to Archive! When the Archive prompt comes up, just say Yes! You probably don’t realize it, but when Outlook archives an email, it just goes to a separate file structure which is still accessible from the Navigation Pane. This process keeps your Inbox and regular folders clean, neat and current, while still allowing you to easily access your older ones.

Don’t Just Delete, Unsubscribe. When you get spam that made it through your organization’s spam filter, don’t just delete it, unsubscribe. If the email is from a legitimate source, it will have an unsubscribe link at the bottom. With some, all it takes is one click and you are unsubscribed. With others, you may need to check a few boxes. If you are in doubt as to the origin of the email, DO NOT click ANY links. Instead, right click on the email from the Inbox list and choose Rule, then Create Rule. Set it to recognize the sender and/or subject and send it straight to the Deleted Items folder. You can also choose Advanced options and choose the permanently delete selection. That way it will not even go to Deleted Items; it will just be gone!

Clean Out that Deleted Items Folder! On the day you deleted that email, you didn’t need it. Yet, you feel squeamish about emptying out Deleted Items. Why? If you’re using it for storage instead of its intended use, consider creating a “purgatory” folder where items you're pretty sure you don’t need, but you’re not absolutely positive, go. Then put a task on your To Do list to review it once a week. If you really did need it, you can folder it more appropriately. Otherwise, really delete it and it will go away when you clear your deleted items folder. Now you can use your deleted items as a true trash can.

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