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1-Minute Strategies: Oct. ’13

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Remember: Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re productive. Don’t let fiddling around on the Inter­­­­net, Face­book and email take the place of productive work. Such things may have an important place in your job, but they can take over your work and get in the way of thinking about what really matters.

Keep your phone calls focused and productive by writing an outline first. Text messages and emails have replaced short phone calls, so when you need to call someone, make it worthwhile. Create a clear plan and purpose for your call by writing up a few bullet points before you dial.  

Clear your head and sharpen your mind with a little exercise. Studies show that walking and other exercise can help you think and learn better. Exercise creates extra blood flow and stimulation to the part of the brain that controls learning and memory. A brisk walk or jog may pull you out of your mental slump.  

Make that “to go.” Some hotels are offering meals-to-go for guests heading to the airport. They are boxed and portioned to fall within TSA liquid limits so you can take them through security and avoid the pricey airline snacks and unhealthy airport dining options.

Americans aren’t taking enough vacation time. It’s so little, in fact, that a few companies are creating take-all-the-vacation-time-you-want policies. Smart businesses know that they want their employees to be energized and creative, which means people need recharge time.

Show the world how many people “like” you. A new device that connects to your Facebook page over Wi-Fi shows how many “likes” you are racking up in real time. Just over a foot long, the rectangular block contains a flipboard-style number of up to five figures that you can display anywhere.

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