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Protecting your smartphone: 6 tips

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by Kimberly Deas

locked phoneLosing your smartphone is not only frustrating but possibly dangerous. Here are six tips to help guard your smartphone and protect your information.

1. Lock it. Entering your PIN every time is annoying, but you’ll be grateful if you ever lose your phone or have it stolen.

2.Pay attention to the updates. Avoiding updates can leave your phone vulnerable. You might need to connect your phone to a computer or wait for extended periods for the update to complete, but it is worth it.  Developers of each platform constantly close loopholes and prevent “attacks” on your phone.

3. Turn off Bluetooth, GPS and wireless when not in use. Besides draining your battery, these are channels that can be used for attacks on your phone. Disable them when they are not in use.

4. Upload a remote wipe app. No one expects to lose his phone or have it stolen, but should it ever happen, you are protected with a remote wipe app. These applications allow you to remotely clear all the data from your phone and perform backups.

5. Download only from trusted sources. iPhone users are safe here, but Android and Windows users have to be cautious that unofficial download sites can be riddled with viruses and malware.

6. Use a screen protector. The touchscreen of your smartphone is one of its most vulnerable areas. Using a screen protector can reduce the damage done to your screen and help prevent it from shattering.


Kimberly Deas combines her 10+ years’ experience in telecommunications with a background in personal coaching and results-oriented training.

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