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Can I stop employees from organizing?

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in Employment Law,Human Resources

Q. How do I prevent employees from talking to a union or going to the National Labor Relations Board?

A. It is illegal to interfere with employees’ statutory rights to do either of these. No form of coercion may be used, and threats and promises must be avoided.

Your best tools are concern and persuasion. When you talk with workers, attempt to make each individual feel that he or she is important and is being listened to, even if the individual is disappointed by not receiving a raise. A sense of being devalued, stonewalled or retaliated against are the types of feelings that lead employees to seek out unions, take further concerted action or contact the National Labor Relations Board.

Although union membership in the private sector has fallen to an all-time low, there has been a recent resurgence of union-organizing activity, even in Texas. Unions are optimistic that there may be future legislative changes that will make it easier to organize employees, so it is important to remain sensitive to this issue. 

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