Leadership Learning, One Small Step at a Time

Leadership Learning — two words that I believe belong together. My company blog is called Leadership and Learning with Kevin. We call our business a Leadership Learning Consulting company. We train, coach and consult with leaders around the world. And in my bestselling book Remarkable Leadership, the first leadership competency I talk about is a Continual Learner.

In my view, you can’t be an effective leader unless you are willing to be a continual learner. The work is too complex and too important to assume we ever have it figured out completely. The best leaders know this and act accordingly.

And …

In the real world leaders (you!) are busy and don’t always think there is time to attend training for themselves. You might even be a believer in staff training and you might even provide resources and opportunities for your team to get ongoing training. Do you give yourself the same opportunities?

But …

I’m not even really talking about training. Notice the key word in the first paragraph and in the title of this article — it is learning, not training. Yes, training can be an important tool to help us learn, but we are talking about learning.

And all of us have time for learning.

There are hundreds of tools, approaches and opportunities for us to learn new things as leaders — and if you are serious as a leader, you must take advantage of them. To give you food for thought, here are a few challenging questions …

  • When was the last time you reflected on your day, looking for the things you did well and not so well, with the purpose being to learn how to improve?
  • When was the last time you tried a new approach to a situation?
  • When did you last ask someone for feedback on your leadership performance?
  • How often do you find leadership lessons for yourself in what you read and watch?
  • When did you last reach out to a mentor or peer for help, advice or counsel?

Your honest answers to those questions will give you a sense of how committed you are to being an ongoing, continual learning leader.

Now …20 Days to Remarkable Leadership

Let me give you a new tool in your arsenal. To celebrate 20 years in business, we are about to release a very special 20 Days to Remarkable Leadership event — and I’d like to offer it to you with my complements. This 20-day adventure will give you inspiration, ideas and a bit-by-bit way to learn some critical leadership skills (and give you some cool bonuses too). You can learn all about it — and get registered by watching this very short video here.

The best leaders are learners. Hopefully this article has challenged you — and given you some specific ideas about how you can move toward your leadership potential one step at a time.