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How can we avoid W-2 glitches?

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in Office Management,Payroll Management

Question: On last year’s W-2s, Accuwage flagged a Social Security number (SSN) beginning with a nine. We called the Social Security Administration (SSA) and were advised to enter nine zeros for this SSN. We later learned that the SSN was an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Should we have reported the nine zeros or the ITIN, even though the W-2 instructions say not to accept an ITIN from an employee?

Answer: You only use nine zeros when an em­­ployee has applied for an SSN but hasn’t received it. That said, you should report the numbers employees provide you. Even a wrong number, or an ITIN, can help the SSA identify the employee. (Source: Social Security Administration)

Question: Is it true that only the employee who uploaded a W-2 file to the Business Services Online (BSO) website can validate that file? Who can retrieve the data if that employee leaves the company?

Answer: Terminating employees should have their access to BSO deactivated. Any registered user under the same Employer Identification Number could then look at the W-2 submission. (Source: Social Security Administration)

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