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Regrouping after a rejection at work

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in Career Management,Centerpiece,Workplace Communication

rejected stampWorkplace rejection is a painful but expected part of life. Of course, no one wants to be turned down for a job or promotion, but when it does happen there are ways you can cope.

Rejection will happen, but it doesn’t have to be so painful, writes Debra Wheatman, president of Careers Done Write, who ad­­vises people to use the rejection to pursue other things, learn from the experience and try again.

She also offers three specific strategies:

1.  Understand the rules of engagement. When it comes to business, the rules are different. The rejection you experience may not be as personal as it feels. Take time to really think about the situation, and then try to see it from a different perspective. Recognize the invitation to evaluate yourself and make improvements where necessary.

2.  Keep a positive perspective. When you experience rejection, it’s easy to turn on yourself, start playing the blame game and doubt your abilities. Try to see the situation and yourself in a positive light. This will help you to move on faster and to be open to new opportunities for future success.

3.  Make a plan. Creating a strategy can help you to stay focused on establishing goals and allow you to work toward positive results. Making a plan indicates your decision to move beyond the rejection and to start taking control of the situation. Focus on these points: stating a mission, listing objectives, outlining a plan, implementing the plan, and maintaining or acquiring the skills and information necessary to carry it all out.

— Adapted from “Don’t Let Workplace Rejection Get You Down,” Debra Wheatman, Careerealism.

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