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4 ways to be more present & productive

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in Office Management,Time Management

The world is moving fast these days and employees need to get a lot done while maintaining focus and accuracy, writes Anita Bruzzese, who offers four things to remember to help you be more present and productive at work.

  1. Credibility counts. There is no benefit to speed if it produces poor results. Instead of trying to keep up with the endless stream of com­munication in real time, give yourself some room to think before responding.
  2. Always understand the question. Your ability to be productive is directly related to your understanding of the task at hand. Ask questions and summarize information you’ve received to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  3. Multitasking is overrated. When you focus on multiple things at once, nothing gets your full attention. This decreases focus, increases stress and inhibits creativity.
  4. Cultivate deep thoughts. Avoid overloading yourself by strategically using your focus. Train yourself to concentrate and focus deeper by holding your mind steady on your work for specific intervals of time.

— Adapted from “How to Be More Productive at Work—‘It’s Not Complicated,’ ” Anita Bruzzese, Intuit QuickBase’s The Fast Track blog.

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