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Part-time workers have same rights as others

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Human Resources

Some managers mistakenly believe there’s no danger in firing a new part-time employee. That’s just not true. Remind them to always run discipline by HR before taking action.

Recent case: Bernard, who is black, was fired from his part-time job as a laborer a few weeks after being hired. He sued, claiming the reason was his race. His boss said it was be­­cause Bernard was already looking for another job and complained about having to work out of town.

Bernard argued that white em­­ployees also complained about working out of town or were looking for other jobs but weren’t fired.

The court said that was sufficient grounds for a discrimination lawsuit. It also noted that Bernard was fired a day after he complained that his boss had called him a racial slur, which was more evidence of motive. (Israel v. Insight Pipe Contracting, No. 12-1247, WD PA, 2013)

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