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4 apps help you do real work on your iPad

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in Office Technology,Web Tools

iPads are great for consuming content, but less so for doing any real heavy work. Wall Street Journal technology columnist Walter Mossberg suggests four of the best applications that can help.

1. iWork. This Apple app is the most touchscreen-friendly and syncs to Apple’s iCloud service. It doesn’t have built-in access to Dropbox or Google Drive, but does let you export documents in Micro­­soft Word format.

2. QuickOffice Pro HD. This app is good for working on simple documents.

3. AstralPad. This app is a work in progress that allows you to use a clone of Microsoft Word that’s stored in the cloud.

4. CloudOn. This app uses a real cloud version of Microsoft Word but, like Astral­­Pad, doesn’t allow you to work offline. It’s better than AstralPad, but still clumsy—likely because you’re using a Microsoft product on an Apple device.

— Adapted from “Apps Raise the iPad’s Aptitude for Real Work,” Walter Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal.

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