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Ugly PowerPoint

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in Office Technology,PowerPoint Tricks

Q. How can I get an overedited PowerPoint back in line with my company template?

A. There are a couple of methods to do this. If you want to stay in PowerPoint and you have created a Custom Theme for your company’s template, make a backup copy of your presentation first. Then on the Design tab, choose the theme. Select all the slides on the left in the Navigation Pane (Ctrl+A), right-click and choose Reset Slide. You may need to tweak the position of the graphics or create some custom layouts in the Slide Master to accommodate the customizations made directly on the slide.

Alternatively, you could export the presentation as an Outline/RTF. Then open it in Word. Clear the formats in Word, and then redo the structure using Heading 1 style for slide topics and Heading 2 style for bullet points. After you’ve created the presentation, grab any graphics from a copy of the older presentation and paste them into the new one.

Q. I’m delivering a presentation online. Are there any special considerations for my PowerPoint presentation?

A. It depends on the web conference provider or webinar producer. In general, minimize the use of animation and the more exciting transitions. Transmission speed and quality may vary by participant. So, the more involved the animation, the longer it will take to “paint” the screen on their end.

You can use fly in, fly out or appear and fade to isolate and layer bullet points, but keep it simple. And, don’t do it on every slide. Also, the image of the slide may be smaller or somewhat lower quality, so choose content wisely.

Don’t crowd the slide with too much text. It’s easy to break out a multibulleted list into several slides. If you create charts that use several colors to differentiate data points, choose a design that uses multiple colors instead of single color-multiple shade design. The wide variety of resolutions out there may not all “see” your colors the same.

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