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Temp nursing firm settles wage claims for $1.77 million

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in Compensation and Benefits,Human Resources

U.S. Nursing Corp., a temp agency that provides replacement nurses to hospitals when staff go on strike, has agreed to pay $1.77 million to settle a class-action lawsuit filed by California employees.

The lawsuit, which covered more than 2,500 nurses, alleged U.S. Nurs­­ing violated California labor law by deducting 30-minute meal breaks from its nurses’ time sheets, whether or not the nurses took breaks or recorded those periods on their time sheets. It also claimed the company paid nurses on a weekly basis instead of daily, as required by the Cali­­fornia Labor Code, and failed to pay them for their travel time.

U.S. Nursing admitted no liability, but also did not oppose a motion to pay the affected nurses an average settlement award of $645. The company will also pay the Cali­for­­nia Labor and Workforce Devel­­op­­ment Agency $15,000 and make up $77,000 in back payroll taxes.

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