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The ‘iPod generation’ soaks up employee training via podcasts

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in Employment Law,HR Management,Human Resources,Leaders & Managers,People Management

Looking for a way to train employees without taking up so much work time? Consider this move by the HR staff at McLean, VA-based Capital One:

The company wanted a training program that would allow users to learn at their own pace and free them from sitting in classrooms and at their computers. So the company piloted the Audio Learning Program, passing out iPods to about 300 employees and creating digital audio training programs that employees could download and listen to at the gym, at home or during commutes.

The 32,000-employee firm hired Audible.com, a digital audio information provider, to manage the content. Employees now download training programs and audio transcripts of company-related speeches and employee forums.

More than 87% of participating employees have said the iPod-based training is a worthwhile investment of their time, says Ted Forbes, chief learning officer for Capital One.

Take note: If you require hourly employees to listen to iPod training during off-duty hours, a court may view that as mandatory training time that must be compensable. Check with your employment lawyer before jumping into this with many employees.


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