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Increase efficiency with time blocking

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in Office Management,Time Management

To get more done in the time you have, Gary Keller, author of The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results, recommends a technique called time blocking that you can employ with four simple steps.

  1. Pinpoint your top priority. “My motto is: Until my number one priority is done each day, all else is a distraction,” Keller says. “If you want to do something at the highest level, it’s got to be four hours a day. Time on the task over time—that’s how you become a master at what matters most.”
  2. Operate on “event time.” Some people operate based on the clock or other people’s expectations, but Keller schedules his days around events or tasks that he wants to accomplish.
  3. Block out time to plan. “It’s the pause before I hit the start button again,” Keller says. “I set aside a day each year for annual planning, an hour each month for monthly planning and an hour each week for weekly planning.”
  4. Block out time off. At the start of each year, Keller blocks out long weekends and full vacations because taking time off from everything is essential.

— Adapted from “Time Blocking: A Productivity Power Tool,” Stephanie Vozza, Entrepreneur.

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