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4 troubles endemic to the open office

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Open offices are all the rage these days and while they have their advantages, they also cause employees plenty of stress and can make it hard to focus.

Heidi Hanna, a fellow with the American Institute of Stress, offers solutions to four common open-office irritations:

  1. Co-workers can hear your calls. Grab a conference room or other private corner and make all of your personal calls at once.
  2. You can’t take a break because everyone is watching. No one can be productive for an entire workday without taking breaks. Get over yourself and realize your co-workers are busy, too. They have better things to do than keep tabs on your every move.
  3. There’s no privacy, so you can’t escape when things get rough. If there’s really nowhere you can go to get away for a bit, try putting on headphones and listening to  calming music or white noise for a mental break.
  4. All the noise is exhausting and distracting. Again, headphones are the answer. Listen to calming music or white noise to help take your focus away from the clamor of the office.

— Adapted from “Five Ways to De-Stress in an Open Office,” Venessa Wong, Bloomberg Businessweek.

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