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3 SharePoint Solutions

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in The Office Tech Pro

SharePoint has never been more accessible than it is today with the Office 365 offerings from Microsoft. Is it right for you? Well, here are a few more questions to ask to answer that one.

1. Is your email clogged with attached documents and presentations? If email attachments are the main way your organization collaborates on documents, SharePoint is a great solution. Store your documents in SharePoint and send only the hyperlink to it to those who need access to contribute. Not only will you keep the network pipes unclogged and your inbox more fit and trim, in Exchange 2010-2013, people can actually co-author: make changes to the document at the same time. You can do the same with PowerPoint presentations. Co-authorship of Excel files is also possible using the Excel Web App.



2. Is dynamic collaboration something you have to “force” in your organization with meetings, expensive gatherings and off-site events? How about a survey or a discussion group in SharePoint. Not all quality communication can be replaced by these tools, but to encourage everyday collaboration and communication, SharePoint discussion groups and surveys are a breeze to set up — just a few clicks. Ideas can now be shared when they occur, rather than waiting for a meeting. An added bonus: the wisdom can be retained and turned in to a knowledge base that can be shared and updated across the organization.



3. Does your organization have problems with the consistency of message in PowerPoint? If you’re using the Enterprise version of SharePoint, you can create a Slide Library. More than just a warehouse for slides with the right and current content, when you add a slide from a slide library, you can set it to update when the original slide changes. No more wondering whether your team is going out there with the right information and branding.


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